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Inverter with Battery Charger
CR Inverter/Charger

Affordable backup power solution
The entry-level CR Series provides AC power without interruption to keep your critical equipment running during a power outage. Built with an automatic transfer switch, the CR instantly switches to battery power during a blackout or brownout. When AC power is restored it automatically recharges the battery. Available in 1000, 1500 and 2400 watt models, it is ideal for powering common loads such as refrigerators, computers, lights, small televisions, radios and fans.


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The CR Series combines the key benefits of uninterruptible power supplies with the extra runtime allowed by a larger battery bank. Backup power time is flexible – you can connect as many batteries as you need.  


  • Automatic, fast transfer ensures no intermittent loss of power to your critical loads
  • Built-in battery charging ensures batteries are fully charged and ready to use, 
    while protecting them from being overcharged
  • Low and high battery voltage and overload protection circuitry
  • Audible alarms to indicate low battery voltage, overload, and fault conditions
  • Front panel LED indicators to provide status-at-a-glance  



Technical Specifications
Electrical Specifications              
  Models     CR1012 (12Vdc, 120Vac/60Hz)   CR1512 (12Vdc, 120Vac/60Hz)   CR2412 (12Vdc, 120Vac/60Hz)  
                 CR1012E (12Vdc, 230Vac/50Hz)   CR1512E (12Vdc, 230Vac/50Hz)   CR2412E (12Vdc, 230Vac/50Hz)  
      CR1524 (24Vdc, 120Vac/60Hz)   CR2424 (24Vdc, 120Vac/60Hz)  
      CR1524E (24Vdc, 230Vac/50Hz)   CR2424E (24Vdc, 230Vac/50Hz)  
  Invert Mode Specifications          
  Continuous Output Power     1000W   1500W   2400W  
  Surge Capability     1500W   2250W   3600W  
  Output Voltage     120 VAC / 230 VAC   120 VAC / 230 VAC   120 VAC / 230 VAC  
  Output Frequency     50 Hz / 60 Hz 0.3 Hz   50 Hz / 60 Hz 0.3 Hz   50 Hz / 60 Hz 0.3 Hz  
  Output Waveform     Modified Sinewave   Modified Sinewave   Modified Sinewave  
  Peak Efficiency (DC to AC)     86%   86%   86%  
  DC Input Voltage     12 V   12 V or 24 V   12 V or 24 V  
  DC Input Voltage Range   12V battery   10.5V - 14.5V   10.5V - 14.5V   10.5V - 14.5V  
      24V battery     21V - 29V   21V - 29V  
  DC Current at Rated Power   12V battery   101A   152A   247A  
      24V battery     74A   122A  
  Low Battery Warning   12V battery   11V  0.2V   11V  0.2V   11V 0.2V  
      24V battery     22V  0.2V   22V  0.2V  
  Low Battery Shutdown   12V battery   10.5V 0.2V   10.5V  0.2V   10.5V  0.2V  
      24V battery     21V  0.2V   21V  0.2V  
  Charger/Bypass Mode Specifications        
  AC Input Voltage Range     85 VAC-132 VAC / 184 VAC-253 VAC  4%   85 VAC-132 VAC / 184 VAC-253 VAC  4%   85 VAC-132 VAC / 184 VAC-253 VAC  4%  
  Reconnect Voltage Range     95 VAC-127 VAC / 194 VAC-243 VAC   95 VAC-127 VAC / 194 VAC-243 VAC   95 VAC-127 VAC / 194 VAC-243 VAC  
  AC Input Frequency Range     47 Hz~53 Hz / 57 Hz~63 Hz  0.3 Hz   47 Hz~53 Hz / 57 Hz~63 Hz  0.3 Hz   47 Hz~53 Hz / 57 Hz~63 Hz  0.3 Hz  
  Max Total AC Input Current   120 VAC   14.0 Arms   18.1 Arms   27.0 Arms  
  (Charge + Bypass)   230 VAC   7.4 Arms   9.4 Arms   14.1 Arms  
  Rated AC Bypass Current   120 VAC   8.3 Arms   12.5 Arms   20.0 Arms  
      230 VAC   4.4 Arms   6.5 Arms   10.4 Arms  
  Relay Transfer Time     20 ms (typical)   20 ms (typical)   20 ms (typical)  
  Charging Voltage   12V battery   13.5 VDC   13.5 VDC   13.5 VDC  
      24V battery     27.0 VDC   27.0 VDC  
  Max Charging Current   12V battery   40A   40A   50A  
      24V battery   20A   20A   25A  
  General Specifications          
  Operating Temperature Range     0C to 40C (32 F to 104F)   0C to 40C (32F to 104F)   0C to 40C (32F to 104F)  
  Enclosure Type     Indoor, ventilated, steel chassis with powdercoat finish  
  Unit Weight     40 lb (18kg)   44 lb (20kg)   61 lb (27.5 kg)  
  Inverter Dimensions     22.8 x 8.9 x 7"(579mm x 227mm x 179mm)  
  Shipping Dimensions     26.75 x 12.5 x 12" (680 mm x 318 mm x 305 mm)  
  Warranty     1 year    

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