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GT Series Grid Tie Solar Inverter (E)
NEW - Xantrex GT 3.0E

Same great features and benefits as all Xantrex GT Series Grid Tie Solar Inverters.
  • High efficiency and outstanding energy harvest in a small, modular design
  • Ease of installation due to the included mounting back plate and easy access wiring box
  • Clean looking multi unit installations
  • Included Communication ports
  • Included LCD display wiht back light for 24 hour display viewing
  • Convection cooled therefor not requireing a fan
  • light enough for one person to install
  • Is compatible with other GT Series models to custome size the inverters to the array

Specifications Avaliable

Specifications GT2.5DE
Specifications GT2.8SP
Specifications GT3.8DE
Specifications GT3.8SP
Specifications GT3.0E

Specifications GT3.0E

Electrical Specifications

Nominal AC power

2500 W

Maximum AC power output

3000 W

AC voltage (nominal)

195 to 253 VAC (230 VAC)

AC frequency (nominal)

49.0 to 51.0 Hz (50Hz)

DC input voltage range

195 to 600 VDC

Peak power tracking voltage range

195 to 550 VDC

Current THD


Peak inverter efficiency


Euro efficiency


Maximum continuous output current

15.4 AAC

Over current protection

20 A

Night time power consumption

1 W (Communications and Liquid Crystal Display continuously active)

Mechanical Specifications

Operating temperature range

-25°C to +65°C (-13°F to +149°F)

Enclosure type


Unit weight

18.6 kg

Shipping weight

24.6 kg

Inverter dimensions (H x W x D)

55.1 cm x 40.3 cm x 14.6 cm


Wall Mount (bracket included)

Part number/model number

864-0100 / GT3.0E-SP-QC-230



Convection (no fan required)


Backlit, two line, 16 character LCD


RS 232 and two Xanbus RJ45 ports


5 year parts and labor (10 year extended warranty available)

Regulatory Approvals

The GT Series is compliant to applicable European Directive and CE market: EMC Directive: EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
Low Voltage Directive: EN 50178
Complies with RD 1663/2000


Extended Warranty

10 year available

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.