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Charge Controller
DR Inverter/Charger - 230 VAC/50 Hz

The DR Inverter/Charger provides dependable modified sine wave power for businesss, homes and workshops. Available in 1500 or 2400 watt models, it can power most common electrical appliances such as lights, televisions, cash registers, refrigerators, washing machines, computers, and power tools.

CR Inverter/Charger

´╗┐Affordable backup power solution
The entry-level CR Series provides AC power without interruption to keep your critical equipment running during a power outage. Built with an automatic transfer switch, the CR instantly switches to battery power during a blackout or brownout. When AC power is restored it automatically recharges the battery. Available in 1000, 1500 and 2400 watt models, it is ideal for powering common loads such as refrigerators, computers, lights, small televisions, radios and fans.

Freedom Combi - 230 VAC/50 Hz

Suitable for use in boats, RVs, trucks, or work vehicles, Freedom Combi Inverter/Chargers supply AC power from a DC source. All models are regulated to 230 V RMS and their output frequency is crystal controlled to 50 Hz. Freedom Combis provide automatic transfer switching between inverter power and incoming AC power. The Freedom Remote is available for inverter/charger control and basic system monitoring. For advanced battery monitoring and remote control, systems can be paired with optional Link instrumentation.

SW Inverter/Charger - 230 VAC/50 Hz

The SW Inverter/Charger is our most popular off-grid power solution. Available in 24- and 48-volt models, it provides utility-grade output power and offers high surge capacity to run most household appliances.